Creationism is non-science


The claim from Wayne Thomas (“Creation is the true science” Letters 13/7) that mutations in a cell cannot add new information or traits is a disingenuous one as any honest research will show. Nylon-eating bacteria are just one example. Evolution is observable, measurable and most importantly, falsifiable so I have one question for Mr Thomas, what exactly is the theory of creationism or intelligent design, and how can it be tested with the scientific method?

The theory of evolution is used in many practical ways, from explaining what we find in the fossil record, to understanding how viruses and bacteria evolve to resist antibiotics. It is the cornerstone of the biological sciences and is supported  by evidence from many disciplines including microbiology, geology, paleontology, cosmology, genetics and many others. Evolution isn’t guided by random mutations but by natural selection, a process which is anything but random.

And no, it’s not micro versus macro evolution as many creationists insist, it’s simply biological evolution, and all it takes for one species to evolve into a different species is a lot of time and luckily here on earth we’ve four and a half billion years of it.

So let’s keep science in the classroom, and creationism where it belongs, in the history and mythology books.

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