Harry Potter


I believe Medowie Christian School principal, Samantha Van de Mortel is being disingenuous in her reasons for banning Harry Potter novels from the school library. Is it really as she claims, because the novels have “been the subject of many international debates”, or is it really because many Christian parents and teachers actually still believe in witchcraft and black magic? Having read the school’s statement of faith that is signed by all staff it appears that is the case.

If they are going to ban books containing gruesome, grotesque and frightening images and ideas then I would suggest they remove all copies of the bible from the school grounds immediately. Murder, rape, incest, slavery and genocide are hardly appropriate topics for primary school children.

Medowie Christian School like all other faith schools discriminate against non-Christians when hiring staff and enrolling students despite receiving government funding, and in the case of Medowie school, severely restrict the options available to non- religious parents as they are the only highschool in the town.

I am quite confident that children are capable of separating fact from fiction, even if their parents and teachers can’t.

Peter Rowney
Lemon Tree Passage



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