Catholic Charities

catholic charities

I wouldn’t have thought that right now was the most opportune time for a Catholic apologist to be spruiking the benefits of religious belief but it didn’t prevent Catholic University professor Ruth Powell from making some quite outrageous claims. (Churches’ future depends on their followers – Opinion 20/12)

Her claim that religious believers are far more likely to be involved in volunteer work and charities ignores the work of some of the world’s largest secular charitable organisations such as the Red Cross,

Oxfam, UNICEF, Fred Hollows Foundation, Save the Children, Doctors Without Borders, The Gates Foundation and many more. All of these charities manage to provide care and support to needy people all over the world without any witnessing, preaching or proselytizing.

She explains how Jesus cautioned his followers that if salt lost its saltiness, then it was no longer good for anything, which is almost as wrong as cursing a fig tree for not bearing fruit out of season. Salt losing its saltiness? No wonder more and more kids are opting out of scripture classes with biblical wisdom like that being taught.

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