Letter to Pope Benedict

benedict    Pope Benedict

Pope Benedict c/-St Peter’s Basilica – Vatican City- Rome

Dear Holy Father,
I am writing to you to confirm receipt of your letter of resignation dated Monday 11th February 2013.

As your employer I regret to inform you that as you have been employed in this role for eight years, and as stipulated in your workplace agreement, you are required to give a minimum of four weeks written notice, failure to do so could result in you losing some or all of your entitlements and long service leave.

Before you vacate your office you are also required to return the keys and the fuel card for the Popemobile as soon as possible. Please ensure that it is returned in good condition.

As your employer I will be unable to provide you with a character reference as I have been very disappointed in your work ethic and your failure to prevent certain company scandals from becoming public.

As a salaried employee of my company I also remind you that you are not permitted to seek employment with any of our competitors for at least two eternities.

Yours Sincerely


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