Letter to Tony Abbot

tony abbot

Prime ministerial hopeful, Tony Abbott, recently announced that despite his Catholic faith being an integral part of who he is, he won’t allow his religious beliefs to interfere with government policy.

That being the case, I would like to put several open questions to Mr Abbott.

Does he consider using contraception to be a sin, is abortion always a sin or only in some circumstances, and is IVF treatment for infertile couples also sinful?

If not, then will he continue to allow Catholic hospitals to refuse to provide these services to patients despite receiving public funding?

Does he believe that women can and should hold positions of authority within the government, but not the church?

Should gay and lesbian students be treated equally in Australia or should Catholic and other “faith” schools be exempt from enrolling such students?

If euthanasia is a crime against the sanctity of life, why then do we euthanize animals that are suffering?

I look forward to Mr Abbott’s supporters explaining how the cognitive dissonance involved in making these decisions can possibly be resolved.


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