Pope Francis

pope francis

ACCORDING to the prominent local Christians interviewed by the Herald, Pope Francis is a “good bloke” who is “big on social justice issues”.

Given that the one thing any woman can do to lift herself and her family out of poverty is to control her own fertility, I find the church’s intransigent opposition to all forms of birth control, particularly in Africa, is a moral disgrace.

A “champion of social justice” who is anti-abortion, anti-contraception, homophobic, anti-women’s rights, anti-adoption by homosexuals and whose attitudes to marriage equality were described by his own Prime Minister as medieval, is just what we’ve come to expect from an institution stuck in the Dark Ages.

I hope that some of the schoolgirls who have been proudly celebrating Catholic Schools Week might take a few moments to contemplate what it actually means to be a Catholic at a time where women can govern nations but are allowed no say in the selection of their own church’s leaders.

Debating Catholic Church doctrine is akin to arguing over the quality of fabric of the Emperor’s new clothes.

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