Catholic “mistakes of the past”

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Whose public interest?

SINCE when has seeing justice being done, not been in the public interest? (‘Mistakes’ of the past – Herald 30/4)

I’m a member of “the public” and I expect, along with most fair-minded people, that prosecuting the concealment of serious crimes committed against vulnerable children to be not only in the public interest, but absolutely essential.

What kind of message is this decision sending to the victims , many of whom have struggled with their consciences and their shame to even report this abuse in the first place?

It is becoming increasingly obvious through the revelations of the Victorian inquiry into institutionalised child abuse that the Catholic priesthood attracts, nurtures, defends and protects paedophiles with impunity.

Persecuting Galileo for claiming the earth wasn’t the center of the universe was a mistake. Wasting 80 million dollars of taxpayers money to fund Catholic World Youth Day was a mistake. Appointing Cardinal George Pell to help reform the church was another mistake.

Transferring a child rapist to another parish and failing to notify the police wasn’t a mistake. It was a crime.

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