Genital Mutilation


SOMEWHERE in Newcastle a little baby cried, a forlorn and anguished cry.

Only eight days old and this infant just had a part of their genitals removed, for religious reasons. It’s a tradition. Maybe the family convinced themselves that it’s for the baby’s own good. It wasn’t done for any medical reasons and it won’t prevent disease or infection. The child certainly wasn’t given the option to consent. The parents probably agonized over the decision but decided to respect their culture and tradition and the grandparents wishes.

The piece of skin removed was one of the most sensitive parts of the body with many nerve endings. Sex won’t be as pleasurable as it could have been, when the baby grows up, but maybe that’s a good thing. Mercifully it was performed with a sterile scalpel and not a stone or a rusty knife.

Female genital mutilation is cruel and barbaric and abhorred by most right minded Australians. There is simply no excuse to justify such a medieval practice and it is illegal in Australia, just as it should be.

But this story wasn’t about a little girl.

It was about a little boy and I only have one question; what is the difference?


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