Sharia law

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DOES Emeritus Professor Terence Lovat really think we are that gullible? (Forum aims to shed light on Islamic law – Opinion 7/11)

He claims that the Koran is “full of injunctions towards peace and forgiveness”, which is an outright lie because if it were indeed full of such injunctions there would be no room left for all the injunctions about killing infidels and non believers.

Just as Christians claim the bible to be full of lessons of love and forgiveness despite it being half full of admonitions to do the exact opposite, Mr Lovat expects us to accept his interpretation of what is in fact a book of contradictory and incoherent ramblings of a paedophile desert nomad whose own children couldn’t even agree on what he said thus leading to the Sunni/Shiite schism in Islam that persists to this day.

What we need in Australia, despite Mr Lovat’s assertion to the contrary, is less of this divisive and preferential treatment given to religious sensibilities.

We don’t need aboriginal justice for aboriginals, nor Sharia law for Muslims, nor Kosher laws for Jews, nor anti-discrimination exemptions for faith schools.

Why is the fundamental concept of equality before the law such an anathema to religious apologists like Mr Lovat?

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