Mobile Phone Towers


I WAS disappointed to read Vicki and Harold Collister’s scathing rebuttal to my letter about mobile phone towers. As expected, instead of supplying any scientific evidence of the perils of living near such a tower, all I got was a childish “here’s a tower, build it near your place”.

I thought my letter made it perfectly clear that I don’t have a problem with mobile phone towers and in fact we have several here on the Tilligerry Peninsula that are quite innocuous and inoffensive.

If they were unable to find information regarding “black spots” they could have simply read the letter from Robyn Davis, who has had poor mobile coverage in Corlette for 15 years.

Until such time as the Collisters, or anyone else, can provide evidence of the alleged adverse health effects I will just file their letter with the anti-vaccination, anti-fluoridation conspiracy letters.

Peter Rowney
Lemon Tree Passage


Here’s a tower, build it near your place
Nov. 26, 2013, 6:03 p.m.

IN REPLY to the letter from Peter Rowney of Lemon Tree Passage (Thursday, November 21, 2013): Of course we have and use mobile phones.We are yet to discover where there is a problem with “black spots” or dropouts in the Corlette area, and Telstra will not inform us of the “reports” regarding these problems.We are so glad that you feel that there are no health risks or negative visual impact from this proposed tower, and hope that we can inform Telstra that you will be happy to have them erect a similar tower close to where you live in Lemon Tree Passage.Vicki and Harold Collister


Tower claims are ‘baseless’   
Nov. 19, 2013, 6:13 p.m

I ASSUME that the Corlette residents opposing the Telstra mobile phone tower in last week’s Examiner don’t actually have, or use, mobile phones.

One would have hoped that out of the three letters at least one of them might have contained some actual evidence of the alleged risks posed by such a tower, but no, just the usual baseless assertions about health risks and lower property values.

Exactly how a tower that has a footprint of a few square metres and is painted green can have any impact on koala habitat or pose a bushfire risk truly beggars belief.

Radio frequencies are pervasive and ubiquitous whether there’s a tower next door or not.

No scientific evidence exists that they pose any risk whatsoever to our health or well-being but it appears that the residents of Corlette aren’t going to let the facts get in the way of a good petition.

Peter Rowney
Lemon Tree Passage

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