Religious Morals

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On the front page of Monday’s Newcastle Herald we have Cardinal George Pell, a professional supernaturalist who constantly espouses the need for “Christian morals” in our society, unable to deliver a genuine heartfelt apology for the heinous crimes committed by his church.

On page two we have NSW’s worst mass murderer, responsible for the agonising deaths of eleven innocent people, claiming that the devil made him do it.

In England a devoutly religious man decides to hack an innocent soldier to death in the name of Allah.

What do all these people have in common? They all believe in God, and they all claim to know what God wants them to do.

What more evidence do we need that they are all deluded and their beliefs are a threat to society?

Yet we continue to fund religious schools, religious chaplains, grant tax exemptions to churches and scripture providers, blissfully unaware of the divisiveness and bigotry that religious dogma engenders.

To paraphrase the late Christopher Hitchens; religion really does poison everything.

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