SCENAR Therapy

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BEING a skeptic, I am often wary of extraordinary claims, particularly regarding “alternative” therapies.
A common theme is a reliance on testimonial evidence and a lack of clinical trials that show any efficacy other than the placebo effect. Homeopathy, reiki, iridology and reflexology are a few examples.

It would appear that yet another dodgy therapy with dubious claims has found its way to Newcastle and is being spruiked on local radio; SCENAR Therapy.

One local purveyor of this snake-oil has a website that ticks all the boxes of my Baloney Detection Checklist….
A scientific sounding acronym that means diddly squat;
S.C.E.N.A.R. – Self Controlled Energo Neuro Adaptive Regulation.

Gushing celebrity testimonials but no scientific, peer reviewed evidence.

Advice that several follow-up consultations of up to an hour will probably be required.

A warning that you could possibly feel worse after the treatment, but that this is perfectly normal.

Claims that the device doesn’t actually cure pain as such, but prompts the body to “heal itself”.

Sciencey words in incomprehensible sentences; “patented modulation algorithm”.

Foreign/ancient wisdom; “developed for the Russian space program”.

And to all those satisfied customers who don’t want to admit that they may have wasted their hard-earned cash, I have a bridge in Sydney you might be interested in buying.

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