Same sex marriage

gay marriage  gay marriage2

Kate Baker’s claim  (Short Takes – 9/12) that “anyone who doesn’t support same-sex marriage is vilified and silenced” is somewhat ironic given that she is expressing her opinion in a newspaper with a circulation in the tens of thousands.

As predicted by Paul Anlezark (“same sex critics don’t stack up” Letters 30/11) Ms Baker provides no arguments in support of “traditional marriage”, which in Australia often traditionally ends in acrimonious divorce.

Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, Canada, Spain, South Africa, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Portugal, Argentina, France, and Brazil have all legalised same-sex marriage and
as far as I can tell the sky hasn’t yet fallen.

As the Special Religious Education co-ordinator for the Anglican diocese of Newcastle Ms Baker should be aware that Jesus never once mentioned homosexuality and her claim that reasonable and thoughtful people support traditional marriage suggests that people who support same-sex marriage aren’t reasonable or thoughtful.

Until Ms Baker or anyone else comes up with a valid argument against gay marriage that isn’t based on the same outdated religious beliefs that were once used to oppose mixed-race marriages I will just file her letter with all the other conspiracy theories that have no
supporting evidence.

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