Parliamentary Lord’s Prayer


Move to include

The proposal to drop the Lord’s Prayer from  Parliament is essential if we are to have a government that truly  represents our secular democracy (”Move to scrap prayer”, 15/1). This  explicitly Christian prayer excludes and alienates the not insignificant  minority of 38.9  per cent   of people in Australia who don’t  identify  as Christians. It implies a higher authority to which our elected  representatives are ultimately responsible, instead of the only  authority that they in fact should be responsible to, the people of  Australia they were elected to represent.

Prayers in Parliament are  inconsistent with the spirit and probably the  letter of section 116 of the constitution, which prohibits ”imposing  any religious observance”. Its use is potentially offensive to those of  other faiths, and those of no faith.

The Lord’s Prayer should be replaced by an oath of loyalty to the  Australian people and a statement of principle pledging to perform their  duties with an open mind, and an informed ethical viewpoint that has  the long-term wellbeing of all the people in this country at heart.

Peter Rowney, Lemon Tree Passage, NSW
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