Crime fascinates Australian public

THERE seems to be some hypocrisy in the current debate over whether Schapelle Corby be allowed to profit from her alleged crime. We Australians seem to have an unhealthy obsession with the exploits of criminals, possibly due to our original foundations as a penal colony.

Ned Kelly, Ben Hall and other bushrangers have been eulogised and revered as rebels fighting for a cause and thumbing their noses at authority. Chopper Read, Roger Rogerson and many others have profited with their salacious tales of Australia’s dark underbelly. The Australian public laps it up and begs for more.

If Channel Seven really is prepared to fork out millions of dollars for Schapelle’s story, it is only because they know that the viewing public will be more than happy to reimburse them for their investment.

Maybe this says more about the mindset of Australians and our unquenched thirst for scandal than it does about the media frenzy itself.

Peter Rowney,
Lemon Tree Passage

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