LETTER: Trend of scientific denial disturbing


THE widely publicised creationism debate held in Kentucky last week between science educator Bill Nye and expatriate Aussie Ken Ham, from the Creation Museum, is indicative of a disturbing and prevalent trend of misunderstanding and misrepresenting the scientific method.

Mr Ham spent much of the debate obfuscating over ‘‘historical’’ versus ‘‘observational’’ science, terms which he alone seems to have defined.

Despite universal acceptance by the scientific community, a disturbingly large minority still reject biological evolution and the irrefutable fact that the Earth is considerably older than 6000 years.

We see similar rejection of science with climate change denial, anti-vaccination campaigns, rejection of evidence-based medicine and the popularity of conspiracy theories and internet hoaxes.

Having a Prime Minister who thinks a sports minister is more important than a science minister bodes ominously for our future. When Joe Hockey recently said that the age of entitlement is now over I think he actually meant the age of enlightenment

Paradoxically, we are witnessing the inexorable decline of religious belief in Australia, with the simultaneous rise in popularity of faith-based schools.  How do we know we can trust them to teach real science and not some non-existent ‘‘controversy’’?

Peter Rowney,
Lemon Tree Passage


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