LETTER: Churches design divine response

evolution creationSTUART Southwell makes an interesting claim; that evolution doesn’t disprove Christianity.

He suggests that God may have used the process of evolution in his creation and that many ‘‘Bible-believing’’ Christians accept this.

However this raises several questions; if humans evolved from simpler life forms, when did original sin occur, and what did Jesus die to save us from?

Only someone who doesn’t properly understand the theory of evolution by natural selection would make the mistake of thinking that it could be a divinely guided process.

A fundamental concept of biological evolution is that it is an unguided natural process of selection based on random mutations and environmental changes.

There’s no room for a creator God in the theory of evolution.

If there was, we would expect to find evidence of intelligent design.

Instead we find our spines are not designed to walk upright, our eyes have a blind spot and are inferior to many other animals, and we have vestigial organs and other remnants of our primate past.

Churches that claim to believe in evolution and creation are ignoring the actual mechanism of evolution and trying to appease people on either side of the fence.

Peter Rowney
Lemon Tree Passage

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