Backlash over towers


HOPE that Vicki and Harold Collister and their fellow protesters are prepared for the backlash when Telstra inevitably wins in the Land and Environment Court as they did in the Bathurst suburb of Kelso in 2012.

The court concluded that the weight of scientific evidence behind Australia’s safety standards for mobile phone tower emissions cannot be ignored because of a perception that phone towers are bad for health.

Commissioner Jan Murrell said that while some residents may be worried about the safety of mobile phone towers, it is not up to the courts or local councils to set aside the Australian safety standard when assessing applications for new network infrastructure.

She said that there was no logical or reasonable basis to refuse a base station on health grounds.

As expected the Collisters presented no new evidence about the perceived dangers of a tower and assume that because they have good mobile coverage that Telstra must have an ulterior motive.

Peter Rowney
Lemon Tree Passage

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