Generate Ministries



Joanne McCarthy, in her excellent article on the practices of scripture providers in Newcastle, has exposed yet another form of subtle child abuse perpetrated by religious fundamentalists. It might not be physical or sexual abuse, but telling children that they are inherently flawed by original sin and thus need saving, that young people who feel same sex attraction need spiritual counselling, or that girls are responsible for the behaviour of boys depending on how provocatively they dress, are all examples of abusing the innocence of a child with superstitious dogma and archaic morals.

People are entitled to believe that Jesus was the son of God, died for their sins and performed miracles. They are not entitled to claim this is a universal truth however much they believe it. Other people have come to other conclusions and have different imaginary friends and some even manage perfectly well with no imaginary friends at all.

Generate Ministries, a group of well-meaning but misguided volunteers, believe that our public schools are devoid of good morals and ethics when it is actually those questionable religious values of homophobia, misogyny, and sectarianism that have no place in a public school system.

Peter Rowney
Lemon Tree Passage

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