LETTER: Myopic view on teach and preach


I’M sorry, Carolyn Campbell (‘‘Learning about Jesus has value’’   Letters 1/9) but claiming that volunteer scripture teachers ‘‘teach, not preach’’ is in my opinion, disingenuous given that she, as an SRE volunteer herself, taught primary school children ‘‘… who Jesus was and is, his ministry, his purpose’’. 

There are five billion people on the planet along with almost half of Australians who don’t believe those particular claims about Jesus – therefore teaching them to children as a universal truth, in a public school, is no different than teaching them that Joe Hockey is a good treasurer or that the Liberal Party cares about poor people. 

The world is a harsh and cruel place Ms Campbell, and the churches in Australia don’t have a good track record when it comes to putting the needs of children above the reputation of the clergy. 

Suggesting that children need Christian teaching to give their lives ‘‘interest, focus and inspiration’’ shows how myopic religious idealists can be. 

There’s a whole world of wonder for children to be inspired by, without resorting to the superstitious.

Peter Rowney
Lemon Tree Passage




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