LETTER: Church reveals gospel truth

CAROLYN Campbell’s claim that scripture teachers follow a syllabus approved by the Department of Education is simply not true  (‘‘Telling Bible tales is not preaching’’ Herald 8/9).
Neither the content, nor the age-appropriateness of the syllabus, is approved or endorsed by any department.

The only requirement is that all volunteers must come from an approved list of churches, yet the  providers of special religious education (SRE) in NSW often don’t make their denominational allegiances clear.

This information should be transparent and easily accessible to parents.

In the interests of putting this preaching or teaching debate to bed once and for all, I will offer two quotes direct from the website of the C3 Church, which provides scripture volunteers in several local schools including Newcastle High: ‘‘Schools are an open door to the gospel. A SRE Teacher is not just a teacher, but a government-endorsed evangelist!’’  and ‘‘Primary school children, those aged 5-12 years are nine times more likely to accept Christ as their Saviour than people 12 years and above’’.  In the words of Rumpole of the Bailey; I have no further questions,  your honour, I rest my case.

Peter Rowney
Lemon Tree Passage



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