LETTER: Pets come with responsibilities

MY heart goes out to Bill Finney and his loyal friend, Roger. (‘‘Man in dog attack terror’’ Herald 6/9.) 

Having been the victim of, and witness to, numerous unprovoked dog attacks in recent months in Lemon Tree Passage, I know how unsettling it can be. 

There is no more gut-wrenching feeling than being unable to protect your best mate while it is being mauled by a savage and vicious dog.

 The speed and ferocity of the attacks can be overwhelming and the after-effects and emotional trauma can be devastating.

 Children can be particularly affected by witnessing such violence. 

Firearms and other offensive weapons are all strictly outlawed, yet the laws regarding dangerous dogs are not being enforced and the fines are an insufficient deterrent. 

Like driving a car, owning a dog isn’t an inalienable right, it’s a privilege that comes with serious responsibilities. 

Not just to the animal itself, but to the public who do have an inalienable right to walk the streets without fear.

 What happened to Mr Finney and Roger is assault occasioning grievous bodily harm, and someone, somewhere is ultimately responsible and must suffer the consequences for their negligence. 

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