LETTER: Segregation splits opinion

I’D like to thank Joanne McCarthy for exposing the inconsistencies and lack of transparency in the implementation of scripture classes in local public schools (‘‘Class figures ‘utter fiasco’’’ Herald 17/9).

The fact the NSW Education Minister Adrian Piccoli declined to comment on the ‘‘government endorsed evangelists’’ suggests some higher power may be influencing policy, and the minister has little regard for the rights of parents to be fully informed about what is being taught, and the options available to them to shield their children from what is fundamentally a recruitment drive to fill empty church pews.

For 134 years the churches have seen our public schools as mission fields, despite much of their morality being at odds with modern society and Australia’s egalitarian ethos.

Schools have a legal and moral obligation to keep a person’s religious beliefs, or lack of belief, private and confidential.

How is this achieved by physically dividing a class of peers into different groups, based on their parent’s religion, effectively alienating and exposing those who don’t wish to become disciples for Jesus?

How can this kind of segregation and discrimination be justified?

Peter Rowney
Lemon Tree Passage


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