LETTER: Stop race that stops nation

ANOTHER beautiful spring day in the lucky country, unless you’re a racehorse.

This afternoon the nation will grind to a halt, as Australians of all ages  gamble hundreds of millions of hard-earned dollars on 20 odd horses being whipped around some turf in Flemington.

For just one day, everyone will become an expert on equine form and track condition, forgetting the fact that gambling is just a tax on people who don’t understand probability.

Milliners, caterers, bookies and vets will all make a killing this Melbourne Cup day, some more literally than others.

Have you ever noticed that real horse lovers aren’t into horse racing? It might be the sport of kings, but it’s also a sport of cruelty, much of which is hidden to protect our fragile sensibilities.

What kind of bizarre world do we live in, where we fly thoroughbred horses around the world in jumbo jets to win prizes in a running contest? What’s wrong with flies crawling up a wall? Now that’s an Australian tradition!

Peter Rowney
Lemon Tree Passage


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