LETTER: Blind belief in media reports

I WRITE in response to Carrington Public School’s decision to commemorate Remembrance Day without religious hymns and prayers.

The Murdoch press  ignited the outrage with a shamefully provocative story, only to be further fuelled by a  TV morning show and  a few radio shock jocks to fan the flames.

By the time I read the story on Facebook, the comments were full of typical knee-jerk indignation, combined with threatening insults, made by people who had obviously not even read the relevant article nor considered the possibility that this was actually a sensible decision by the principal after consultation with parents and the community.

Reports of the school receiving threatening and abusive phone calls shows just how vitriolic some of those anonymous outraged people can be.

A gullible public devoid of critical thinking skills and even an ounce of scepticism are just as much to blame as the media who simply feed their suspicions.

I fear we are becoming a society unable to discern fact from fiction, truth from rumour, fantasy from reality.

Peter Rowney, Lemon Tree Passage


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2 Responses to LETTER: Blind belief in media reports

  1. Dave says:

    Speaking of anonymous outraged people…

  2. skepticpete says:

    Hi Dave. May I ask how you came upon my blog? You are the first person ever to comment in over two years.

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