Don’t feed this cruel process

IN the wake of disturbing reports of animal cruelty in Vietnam  involving Australian cattle being slaughtered with a sledgehammer, federal treasurer Joe Hockey has defended the live trade industry saying ‘‘you don’t close off the food supply to many countries where they have very low income or don’t have the supply of protein on the basis of a single report alone.’’

Yes Joe, that’s exactly what you do.

It is unconscionable that we even consider cramming live animals onto filthy overcrowded ships, to endure a terrifying ocean voyage, only to be cruelly slaughtered.

We have laws against inhumane Halal slaughter in this country, yet allow animals to be exported to countries that have no such laws.

We can supply as much ‘‘protein’’ as they need, but why does it have to be alive, just to pander to their religious sensibilities? We are simply turning a blind eye to what we know is an abhorrent practice and it’s time we stopped.

Peter Rowney, Lemon Tree Passage

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