Termination is a woman’s choice

NSW balance-of-power MP Fred Nile plans to introduce legislation forcing women who are considering an abortion to have counselling and to view an ultrasound of the foetus.

This is nothing more than emotional blackmail used by the state against a vulnerable woman who is probably making the toughest decision of her life.

I am sure that no woman who has ever contemplated terminating a pregnancy has been unaware of the potential life inside her and the consequences of her actions.

It still is, and should always be, her decision.

The state has no business making religious and moral judgments by forcing women into humiliating and degrading situations, and technology designed to inform women should never be used as an ideological tool against them.

The most critical thing that empowers women today is their access to free contraception and birth control.

Women and children in those countries that prohibit such things cannot break out of the cycle of poverty and are tethered to a life of servitude and misery.

Peter Rowney,

Lemon Tree Passage


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